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Steg 2231

I have been to A+ Endo for my last 4 root canals and have always had a wonderful experience... Dr. Al-Sabek has always been professional, fast, made me feel very comfortable and pain free ( after the initial pinch from the numbing ). I’ll never go anywhere else, and highly recommend their office!

Nicole Meminger

I was referred as an emergency visit. The office staff was so understanding and very patient with me. Even though Dr. Al-Sabek was very busy, he understood and saw how much pain I was in and was able to perform procedure. I would highly recommend this office to anyone. Thank you.

Erica Garvey

I was in a lot of pain and needed a root canal treated. Dr Al-Sabek helped calm my nerves and took his time to explain the procedure. He was very professional and did an amazing job. The office staff was very friendly and greeted me by name. I highly recommend this office and will return if I need work in the future. Thank you for fixing my tooth and making me pain free!

Dave Negrete

This place is the best for root canals. My first experience was unbelievably painless, before I knew it he was done. Very friendly and the doc likes to crack jokes while working on you. I will recommend anybody here if they need any work done.

Dr. Derek Baron

Dr. Al-Sabek and his staff were great.  I was not an easy case to begin with due to a few complicating factors but Doc was very patient with me and gave me many options.  Once we decided on the best route the process was smooth.  I was amazed that after the root canal I had NO pain, even that very same day.

Alison Kavulich

Extremely professional and caring team. Very pleased with my visit here. Highly recommended.

Amy Rowley

Was very anxious about my visit for various reasons. I've never been more at ease. Very comfortable & wonderful service.

Craigory Raino

Had a great experience here with a root canal on my second molar. Dr. Al-Sabek was lightning fast and we were done in under 45 minutes. After the pinch of the initial anesthetic I didn't feel a thing. I'd go back in the future.

Sviteknology Music

Excellent treatment and wonderful service. They made sure the procedure was painless.

Kaylie Bolla

First of all let me say Dr. Al Sabek is the best!  I have had two root canals done by him and I would never go to another endodontist.  He makes it pain free and is super kind as well as his receptionist Amber.  Thank you guys this is so much easier than even getting a filling done - Amazing

Tiffany McNeely

I went to A Plus Endodontics for 2 root canals since I was referred by my general dentist. Dr. Fuwad Al-Sabek is the best. He's a funny guy, you feel no pain, and he does it in 30minutes. He was the one that called me afterwards to see how I was feeling, not his office staff. Highly impressed.